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The History of the Internet
Task 6C
Answer the following questions, using the Internet Timeline site
from the Web Quest.
1. What year did a communications network go ‘online’ and how many universities did it
connect and WHAT was the intended need (3 answers for the question)?
2. When was electronic mail established and what symbol was adopted to use in email
3. In 1976, who are the first state leaders to send email (3)?
4. In 1984, who coined the phrase, “cyberspace”?
5. In what year was the World Wide Web developed as a new technique to navigate through a
graphical user interface?
6. In what year did the white house launch it’s website,
7. In 1996, what countries had the highest number of Internet users?
8. In what year did Google open its offices in California?
9. In 2003, what is the estimate of music files that are downloaded illegally? What online store
is introduced this same year?
10. What year is launched?
History – Task 6C
Johnston Community School District