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Animal Research Testing
Right or Wrong?
We strongly support animal
testing and or research
…But should you?
More than 99% of all
scientific studies
physicians agree with
animal testing and state
that it has advanced
• It is illegal to test ANYTHING on a
human. We would be forced to
release every product made, whether
it causes cancer or gives you purple
hair. That is what would happen if
there was no animal testing.
The following organizations
support and fund animal
American Cancer Society and
The Lung and Liver Cancer
The testing of some animals
saves more animals and
humans than the deaths and
injuries combined
It becomes clear that
conducting studies in other
species helps us understand
the complicated human brain.
Based on the facts above we
strongly support animal testing
because without it more than
one third of all people would
die before the age of six.
Thanks to the amazing
Camden Michael Johnson and
the ever-so helpful and
tasteful Taryn Brown.
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