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Dragon Genesis
“Hi” my name is Kiro and my dad is the infamous Xavier Ki he created something called the virtual
trapper it basically blocks you from leaving your virtual game until you finish your quest if the quest
takes multiple days the system provides you with food while your consciousness is inside the game in
each game you play you have 3 lives if you lose all 3 you die in the real world which was a not as much
popular part but it still was huge and today was the day the most hyped game was coming out Dragon
Genesis the game where there is only 1 quest which is to beat the game now of course your probably
thinking my dads famous that’s a easy copy for me well no, there is exactly 1 million copys existing so I
had to wait in line for 1 month to get it now lets get on with the story.
“Woah” I said as I materialized into the virtual world. On my screen appeared a final
warning, do you want to take on the genesis quest I clicked yes and a level screen appeared on
my left and health on right and exp under level I ran to the tutorial station to get started it then
teleported me to a basic dungeon a basic steel sword and shield appeared on my back and it
told me the controls and commands to make stuff like my inventory appear then it told me that I
had to beat 100 basic monsters now it said if I got the record in the 1st 24 hours of release I got
a rare item which the deadline ended in 30 mins the record at the moment was 10 minutes I
now had a goal I ran and attacked the beast with my brand new equipment and I then was
about to kill the last one when I tripped my time to beat was about to hit but then, my exp bar hit
max and I got level 1 and I unlocked a basic spell to use it I had to say,
“BURNING BLAST” i yelled in fury!!! The final monster faded away and on my screen
appeared “Congratulations, you have won our record contest here is your reward”.