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Movie Day
1. How many bones do we have?
2. The skeleton is completely rebuilt every ____ years.
3. What attaches muscle to bone?
4. Where is blood oxygenated?
5. How many beats per minute does the heart make?
6. What happens when blood flow to the heart is cut off?
7. What tells the muscle to contract?
8. What is the stomach made of?
9. What is the main component of digestive juices?
10. What keeps the stomach from getting digested?
11. What are the causes of stomach ulcers?
12. What does bile do?
13. What causes the brown colour of our waste?
14. How much of our waste is made up of bacteria?
Movie Day
15. What happens to sugars when they enter the liver?
16. What is the brain’s source of energy?
17. What happens to a person with advanced liver cirrhosis?
18. How many chromosomes does a sperm cell contain?
19. How long does it take for an egg to get from the ovary to the uterus?
20. How does a sperm get inside an egg?
21. Why will only one sperm make it in?
22. How are identical twins formed?
23. How are fraternal twins formed?
24. What is the role of the umbilical cord?
25. How is the fetus nourished?
26. In this unit, we will be focusing on the Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory systems.
What about those systems interests you the most? What do you want to know more about?