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Managing Media Services:
Theory and Practice
William D. Schmidt
Donald Arthur Rieck
Chapter 1
Managing Media Services
ETEC 579
Dr. Jason Lee Davis
Adapted from a presentation by Don Gaston
Chapter Objectives
• History of instructional/industrial media field
• Seven major categories of tasks performed by media
• Functions of a media centers
• Describe the purpose of Instructional development units
within a media center
• Importance of public relations to media center and vehicles
used to promote public relations.
History: In the Beginning
• Many events in the distant
– Earliest known form of media
included pictures & drawings
painted on cave walls
• Early advances
– Stone & clay tablets to paper
– Printing press
• 1850 – 1950
– Pace of technology quickened
– World War II (early 1940’s)
History –
• “In 1870, Bishop Milton
• Toward the 21st Century
– Recording technology
– Sputnik*
– Vacuum tubes
to transistors to ICs
– Computers
• Early Audiovisual Departments •
– 1910 – first film library
– 1917 – first visual instruction
• National Organizations and field
of media in transition
– 1923 – Department of Visual
Instruction (DVI)
Wright proposed that flight
was reserved for the angels
and that ‘Man has invented
everything that can be
invented’ – 33 years later, his
sons, Wilbur and Orville, flew
their airplane into history at
Kitty Hawk.”
*The Russian launch of
Sputnik I, the first Earth
orbiting satellite, in 1957
marked the beginning of
the “Space Race” and is
credited with having the
greatest impact on the
advancement of technology
of any other single event in
So – It’s a Media Center?
• Media Center?
What is a Media Center?
• Service focused facility housing…
– Various instructional materials
– Equipment collections,
– Media development facilities,
– & a trained staff
General Functions of a Media Center
• House instructional media and equipment
Facilitate integration of resources into
Provide technology training for center patrons
Provide consultation services for patrons and
assist with design and production of specialized
materials. Note: Although center staff may assist
with curriculum delivery vehicles, the creation of
curricula is the responsibility of the patron.
Media Manager’s
Management Responsibilities…
• Projects
• Resources
• Delivery systems
• Information
• Programs
– media
– fiscal
• Personnel
• Public relations
• Instructional
• Media facility
• Professional
Factors governing manner of
service delivery
• Focus of the parent organization.
• Philosophy of the director.
• Quality of staff training.
• Adequacy of center funding.
Specific Functions of a Media Center
• Materials selection and acquisition
• Equipment selection
• Circulation
• Maintenance and repair
• Design and production
• Facility design
• Instructional development
• Faculty/Staff development and training
• Evaluation
Media Center Public Relations
• A media center must make potential patrons
aware of it’s services.
– Word of mouth
(The BEST advertisement comes from the center’s
– Traditional and ‘high tech’ advertising techniques may
be employed.