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EP35c, Staff Meeting Agenda Demonstrating Customer Service Data Review.pdf
Staff Meeting Agenda & Notes: Neuroscience Department
March 2012
Annual Competency: Skills and
Mandatory classes. You should all be signed up via UC Learning for the Annual
Competency SKILLS class. Please be sure to check your registration. You will need to
sign up via UC Learning for the Didactic class according to what you signed up on the
paper sign up.
These are considered scheduled days. If you do not attend. If you arrive late you will
not be allowed to enter the class. If you cancel a class you will not be allowed to reregister.
Any problem should be addressed to your Manager/Supervisor
Skin & Wound Team
The Enterstomal Team is now Varsha Shere and Trinie Nguyen. We have
been brainstorming on how to manage the team with two nurses. Beginning
March 12th, we would like to pilot a project in regards to how they will be
seeing patients in the hospital. Below is the division of assignments for skin
and wound care:
Tower & ARU – Trinie Nguyen
DH – Varsha Shere
Because new ostomy inpatients are mostly cared for in Douglas Hospital –
Varsha and Trinie will divide those patients between them.
Outpatient ostomy patients will be divided between Varsha and Trinie
Please share this information with your staff so they know who
to contact with skin and wounds needs.
We would also like to make you aware that we are actively recruiting and
interviewing to fill the open position.
EP35c, Staff Meeting Agenda Demonstrating Customer Service Data Review.pdf
Prismaflex CRRT Training for
If you have ever been trained on the Prisma, you must sign up for one of the classes
below. Please see sign in sheet that the PCC is carrying.
All times from 0830-1330
ambIT Pump
Joint Commission Disease
Specific Certification
April 5 3844
April 6 5843
4/9 5843
4/10 56 113
4/11 3844
4/12 22A 2105-2106
4/13 3844
4/16 5843
See attached and sign the sign-in record
Quest Phase IV
Uncharted Narcotics
Healthy Work
Our survey period is from Feb 1 – May 1 , 2012.
Nathalie and Dana will prepare some additional resource binders so that
each unit has one (i.e. SICU needs one for 62 and one for 64)
Nathalie and Dana will work with you directly to schedule some additional
training specific to their individual programs.
Donna Grochow will be preparing a Clinical Update with the key questions
we think Joint Commission might ask. You can use this how you see best to
support the knowledge and confidence of your staff.
Our team will set up a briefing with the nurse managers, directors, and
Donna Grochow when we get our official date (approximately 1 week in
advance) to make sure everyone is aware and comfortable with next steps.
Once we get our dates, Nathalie and Dana will send out patient lists so
Managers are aware of which patients may be traced by TJC
Clinical Record
Review Tool
Work will begin on the nursing documentation system for Quest. Contact Margaret
O’Brien if you are interested in being part of this project.
The commitment will be approximately 4 hours per week for this project.
IR’s will be sent out monthly based on random audits.
ALL medications are required to be charted and done “real time”
Letters of Warning will be issued.
Welcome Morteza!
EP35c, Staff Meeting Agenda Demonstrating Customer Service Data Review.pdf
New Hires
Taryn Lukina CN II, night shift – transfer
from SSDU
Paula Marquez, CN I
Allison Walker – SHA full time day shift –
transfer from SPPO
Jake Mason – PD SHA Night shift
Giorgia Lester – PD SHA Day shift
Coffee with Karen
Patient Safety Week
Unit Councilw
Tristine Onuski-Dinkel – PD SHA day shift
Thursday, March 15th 1:30pm to 2:30 pm
Thursday, March 15th 11:45pm to 12:45am
Conference room 7843
March 4th – 10th
Projects from the NSCU:
previously we mentioned the following projects:
Admission Process (Checklist)
Equipment Checklist
Visitor Guidelines
Empty Bed Zeroing Guidelines
Skin/Wound Documentation Packet
SHA Registry and Float Pool Guidelines
Neuroscience Issue Referral Form-revision
visitor guideline evaluation
unit council evaluation
workplace disturbances
pharmaceutical waste streaming
Break coverage guidelines
Unit Action Plan: Recognition
Skin Documentation: Step-by-Step
Magnet Designation - 2012
Please see attached Presentation
EP35c, Staff Meeting Agenda Demonstrating Customer Service Data Review.pdf
Customer Satisfaction: Unit
Clinical Outcomes Dashboard:
Unit Specific
See HCAHPS Reports for each unit
Organizational Goal Progress
See attached document
Pressure Ulcer Rate: See Trend Data
Fall Rate: See Trend Data
See attached
As Offered