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Dinner for One
James – Wilson Dunster
Miss Sophie – Elize Cawood
Directed by Andrè Stolz
Also known as The 90th Birthday, the cult classic ‘Dinner for One’ is a comedy
sketch written for the theatre in the 1920’s. A German television station recorded a live
performance in 1963. This comical play subsequently went on to become the most
frequently repeated TV programme ever - according to the Guinness Book of Records
Note that the plot has nothing to do with New Year's Eve, as is often incorrectly stated.
There is a "Happy New Year" toast, but this is purely a reference to Miss Sophie's
“From the outset we decided not to be overly influenced by the original film but to revisit
the script and give our own interpretation of the stage directions and familiar dialogue. We
wanted to make the characters as real and truthful as possible without losing the eccentric
madness of the piece.
What gave me endless pleasure was to see Wilson and Elize creating (in a farce lasting
only 20 minutes) two characters each with a wide emotional spectrum. It has been an
absolute honour working with them.”
Our grateful thanks to 1485 Radio Today for sponsoring airtime and to Hollywood
Costumes for sponsoring costumes and props.
‘Dinner for One’ is ideal for Corporate functions, Birthday parties, end-of-year
functions - in fact any occasion that calls for celebration.
For booking and info: 082-772-6372