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Policy 2880
Student Services
Student Physical Examination
The Board of Education may require any student to be examined by a physician for the purpose
of determining whether the student is afflicted with a contagious or infectious disease or have the
liability of transmitting the disease.
The Board may also require certification from a physician indicating a student's fitness to
participate in specific educational programs or extra-class activities.
Refusal on the part of parent/guardian to obtain the required examination and to submit the
certification indicating freedom from contagious or infectious disease may result in student
exclusion from school.
Students may be excused from engaging in required educational activities upon proper
certification from a physician advising of student disability.
All costs of physical or other examinations shall be at the expense of students unless state or
federal law specifically mandates the examination to be the responsibility of the school.
Vision Examinations
Beginning July 1, 2008, students enrolling in kindergarten or first grade will be required to
receive a vision examination from a state licensed optometrist or physician.
Beginning on July 1, 2008 and continuing through the 2011-12 school year, a trained District
nurse or other qualified District employee will conduct eye screening exams for every student
prior to the completion of first grade and will again screen before the completion of third grade.
If a student fails an eye screening, the District will notify the parent/guardian of the results of the
eye screening and will require the student to receive a complete eye exam from an optometrist or
physician. Students will be excused from the eye screening examination if a student’s
parent/guardian submit a written objection to the exam addressed to the student’s principal.
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