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The Cold War
• The period of political
tension and mistrust
between Western and
Eastern nations
following WWII.
Between what two nations was the
Cold War primarily between?
• United States
• Soviet Union
What policy gave money to countries
threatened by Communist expansion?
• The Truman Doctrine
What plan gave $13 million to wartorn Europe to prevent the spread
of Communism?
• Marshall Plan
What term refers to a country that
in economically and politically
dependent on another country?
• Satellite state
In what city was the wall built that
divided East and West?
• Berlin
What event was a result of the
Soviets establishing a blockade
around the western half of Germany?
• Berlin airlift
What is the term describing the competition
to build up armies and weapons?
• Arms Race
What policy held that huge
arsenals of nuclear weapons on
both sides prevented war?
• Deterrence
What other race led to intense
competition between the United
States and Soviet Union?
• The Space Race
The Soviet union reached space
first with an unmanned satellite
known as what?
• Sputnik
– U.S. citizens now
feared that the Soviet
Union was ahead of
the United States in
missile technology.
The United States reached the
moon first in 1969. Who was the
first man to walk on the moon?
• Neil Armstrong
What organization was formed after
WWII to protect Western European
nations if any of them were attacked?
– North Atlantic Treaty
The Soviet Union countered this
treaty by creating it own alliance
agreement know as?
• The Warsaw Pact
Who took control of the Soviet
government during the first years of
the Cold War?
• Nikita Khrushchev
A civil war in what country led to
increased tensions between the
Soviet Union and Great Britain.
• Greece
Name the event in which the United
States tried to overthrown the
Cuban Government.
• The Bay of Pigs
What event caused a near nuclear
war between the U.S. and U.S.S.R.?
• The Cuban Missile
What theory stated that if one nation
fell to Communism the surrounding
nations would do the same?
• Domino Theory
U.S. fears about Communism
spreading increased when what
nation fell to Communism?
• China
What process did Khrushchev put
into place to help the Soviet Union
move forward?
• De-Stalinization
In what system is the government
responsible for providing citizens with
services and a minimal standard of living?
• Welfare State
Which President was assassinated
on November 22, 1963?
• John F. Kennedy
What movement became a serious
issue in the United States during
the 1960s and 70s?
• Civil Rights
Who was the leader of the Civil
Rights Movement?
• Martin Luther King Jr.
Which U.S. President signed the
Civil Rights Act?
• Lyndon B. Johnson
What term describes a society
preoccupied with purchasing goods?
• Consumer Society
Which U.S. Senator led the “Red
Scare” which was a movement to
expose Soviet subversion?
• Joseph McCarthy
At which University were 4 students
killed during an anti-war protest?
• Kent State University
What two wars resulted from
tension between the Soviet Union
and United States
• Korean and Vietnam
Which Communist nation was able
to stay outside the reaches of
Soviet control?
• Yugoslavia