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Unit 8 Study Guide – World History
I. Know the following vocabulary words: Domino theory, Perestroika, Taliban,
Brinkmanship, Dissident, Marshall Plan, Detente, United Nations, Warsaw Pact, Apartheid,
NATO, Containment, Proliferation, Cold War, Glasnost, Camp David Accords, and Cultural
II. Identify the following by writing a brief definition of each:
1. Harry Truman (USA) 2. General Douglas MacArthur (USA) 3. Jawaharlal Nehru (India) 4. Mao Zedong (China) 5. Chiang kai-shek/Jiang Jeishi (China) 6. Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana) 7. Nikita Krushchev (Soviet Union) 8. Mikhail Gorbachev (Soviet Union) 9. Golda Meir (Israel) 10. Indira Gandhi (India) 11. Margaret Thatcher(United Kingdom) 12. African National Congress 13. OPEC 14. World Trade Organization 15. Tiananmen Square 16. SALT 17. Communism 18. Six Day war (1967) 19. Fidel Castro (Cuba) 20. Nelson Mandela (South Africa) 21. Richard Nixon (USA) 22. Ayatollah Khomeni (Iran) 23. Yasser Arafat (Palestine)24. Shock Therapy 25. Great Leap Forward –
26. Ethnic cleansing III. Answer the following questions in a brief response
1. What was the “Cold War”?
2. What did Winston Churchill mean when he said there was an “Iron Curtain”?
3. What does America do to stop the spread of communism?
4. How is Germany divided after WWII and what countries get a piece of it?
5. What is NATO and what does the USSR do in response to it being created?
6. Who were the two sides in the Korean War?
Who actually “won”?
7. What was the Cuban Missile crisis?
8. What is the significance of the 38th Parallel?
9. Explain the dispute over Kashmir:
Unit 8 Study Guide – World History
10. Why was the Berlin Wall built?
11. What was the Balfour Declaration?
12. Why was the creation of the country of Israel such a problem?
13. Who ultimately decided to “give” the Jews back their homeland?
14. What is the PLO?
15. What did the “Oslo Peace Accords” do?
16. What is the DMZ?
What do they want?
IV. Events - explain the significance, development, etc. of the following in 2-3 sentences:
1. Chinese Civil War 2. Formation of Israel 3. Independence of India 4. Cold War Arms Race 5. Tiananmen Square Massacre 6. Fall of the Berlin Wall 7. Pan-Africanism 8. Pan-Arabism 9. Bosnia-Herzegovina 10. Rwanda 11. Breakup of the Soviet Union 12. Rise of terrorism as a form of warfare (PLO, Hamas, & Al Qaeda) 13. Development of television, satellites, & computers -