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The Cold War Study Guide
Name: ____________
What was the purpose of NATO?
What does NATO stand for?
To keep the Soviet Union from forcing
communism on other countries.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Who were the key leaders of in the
Cuban Missile Crisis?
Kennedy, Castro, Khrushchev
Why did Harry Truman present the Fair
Deal to the American people?
Create jobs, build houses, and offer
equal opportunities to African
What did the Civil Rights movement in
the U.S. seek to accomplish?
Gain equal rights for all citizens as
written in the Constitution.
What was the U.S. in the 1960s a time
Social and political change.
Who was the first person to orbit the
earth during the “Space Race”?
Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union
What did the Great Society of the
1960s government policy demand?
An end to poverty and racial injustice.
How were the Cuban Missile Crisis, the
Korean War, and the Vietnam War
They were conflicts that happened
during the Cold War. This was a conflict
between communism and capitalism.
Besides the Soviet Union and much of
Eastern Europe, what other countries
did Communism spread to?
China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam
The term “Cold War” is a metaphor
describing the differences between the
ideologies of capitalism and what?
What is an arms race a contest to
determine for a country?
Most powerful weapons.
Which two major countries fought in the United States and the Soviet Union
Cold War?
What was the new, international
organization formed in 1945 and
designed to keep peace in the world
United Nations
What was the Korean War fought over?
The Spread of communism from North
Korea to South Korea
What was the result of the Korean
Neither side won and they remained
What was President Dwight D.
Eisenhower’s policy for all American
Peace, Progress, and Prosperity
What did the U.S. involvement in the
Vietnam War mainly consist of?
Military aid
What are the Montgomery Bus Boycott,
Brown vs. Board of Education, and the
Freedom Rides examples of?
Successful, non-violent Civil Rights
events that changed public policy.
Which president made this famous
quote: “…ask not what your country can
do for you-ask what you can do for your
John F. Kennedy
Great Britain and the United States
sought to break the Soviet blockade of
West Berlin in 1948 by doing what?
The Berlin Airlift