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Igneous Rocks
3 types of rocks
Igneous rocks are formed from molten
rocks that has cooled and hardened.
Ship Rock, New Mexico
Formed when magma in a volcano cooled slowly
Igneous Rocks
Magma (or Lava) cool and crystallize to
form igneous rock.
Igneous Rocks
There are two
types of Igneous
Rock. Intrusive
and Extrusive
Extrusive Igneous Rock is formed from
lava, which is on the surface.
Intrusive Igneous Rock is formed from
magma, which is below the surface.
What is the difference between magma
and lava? Lava is on the earth surface
and magma is below.
Molten rock that flows on the surface of
the Earth is lava.
Molten rock that is below the surface of
the Earth is Magma.
Intrusive— large crystals
◦ WHY? The inside of the Earth is VERY hot!
Therefore, the magma cools slowly creating
larger crystals
Extrusive— small crystals
◦ WHY? Earth’s surface is much cooler, and
lower temperatures mean rocks cool quickly,
not leaving enough time for large crystals to
Textures of Igneous Rocks
Igneous rocks are dominated by silicate
Molten rock with lower amounts of silica
flows faster than molten rock with higher
amounts of silica.
If lava has more silica, it will move slower
than lava with less silica.
Lava spread = small amounts of silica
Explosive eruptions = large amounts of silica
Extrusive Igneous Formations
Where are many Igneous Rocks found?
Divergent boundaries and volcanoes.
Igneous rock undergoes weathering (or
breakdown) to form sediment.
So it becomes……………………
◦ Sedimentary Rock
The Rock Cycle
Of the following three types of rocks,
igneous rocks are the hardest.
Igneous Rocks
Stone Mountain
The Stone Mountain granite is a relatively
small granite pluton that covers an area
less than a county in size.
Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain is made of granite and is
an igneous rock.
Stone Mountain
Magma that cools and hardens forms an
intrusive igneous rock
Lava that cools and hardens forms an
extrusive igneous rock