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The Geography of
-Describe the physical features of ancient Greece.
-Explain the importance of Minoan Civilization.
-Name and describe the bodies of water that
surround Greece.
-Explain how Greece’s physical geography affected
the lives of its people.
-Describe the importance of the sea in the life of the
Greek people.
A Mountainous Land
Greece did not depend on rivers.
Greece was a land of mountains so farming was
not important to the Greeks.
The mountains divided the people.
Greece is located on the Southern tip of the
Balkan peninsula which extends into the
Mediterranean Sea.
Greek-speaking people also live on the Aegean
This sea separates Greece from Asia Minor.
A Physical Map of Greece
A Land Tied to the Sea
The Aegean Sea lies to the east.
The Ionian Sea, on the west, separates Greece from
To the south, the Mediterranean Sea separates
Greece with Asia, North Africa, and the western part of
The bays and inlets of Greece create excellent
The sea helped Greeks become great sailors and
Most people lived along the coast where soil was good
for growing crops such as grapes, olives, and grains.
Trade allowed Greek ideas to spread
 Ideas such as the Greek alphabet and a money
system began to spread.
The Aegean Sea
Independent Communities
Mountains divided Greece into different regions.
In the lowlands, they could farm, the hills were good
for grazing animals.
The people of Greece did speak the same language.
Religion was the same.
Small and independent communities developed where
each city had its own way of doing things.
Greece has a pleasant climate – rain in the winter, hot
in the summer.
An agora was a common feature in Greek cities.
It was the marketplace where women filled pots with water
and men traded.
The Greeks enjoyed outdoor activities – they took an
interest in sports and athletics.
Two Early Greek Civilizations
Crete was an early civilization.
They had a written language.
They learned how to weave cloth.
They made pottery and jewelry.
Today, it is called the Minoan Civilization.
Their wealth came from trade.
They traded with Syria and Egypt.
They traded food, pottery, and other crafts.
Minoan ships patrolled the seas.
They may have disappeared from earthquakes.
Two Early Greek Civilizations
The greatest city state to develop was the
Mycenae city state.
It replaced Crete as the center of civilization.
It could defend itself against attack because of
the walls that surrounded the city.
The Mycenaeans took plunder or valuables
seized during war time.
This plunder caused a very important war.