Download “The Bully” by James Reaney

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“The Bully” by James Reaney
Complete a PACCTS analysis for the story. That is point form notes to answer all
the following:
1. Plot
Identify the components of the exposition, and identify the inciting incident, a
dilemma, a complication, the crisis, and the climax which all comprise the rising
action, 2-3 critical events in the falling action and the conclusion
2. Atmosphere/Mood – indicate where the mood changes throughout the story: pick 3 different points
and indicate how the shift in mood is created (through setting, diction, details, etc.)
3. Characters – identify static and dynamic characters; minor and major characters
4. Identify the methods used to characterize the protagonist and a point that is learned through each
a) Indirect – what the narrator says (physical appearance)
b) Direct
i) what other characters say
ii) through the character’s dialogue
iii) through the character’s actions or behaviour
iv) through the character’s thoughts/attitude
5. Identify the conflicts that advance the plot and explain how each is resolved.
6. Identify and explain the main themes that are developed in the story. Do not use clichés.
7. Identify important stylistic elements and devices that contribute to the effect created by the author:
a) point of view or narrative perspective
b) figurative language - 5 examples
c) symbolism
d) allusion
e) archetypes
f) other
Concentrate on explain the EFFECT that each device has on the text: does it create suspense, reveal
character, develop mood, advance the plot, contribute to setting, add to the theme, etc.
Read the story carefully!! Be prepared to discuss the answers to the above prompts.
Which genre would you argue this story is: romance, tragedy, comedy or satire? Why?