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“In my opinion, Ksenia is a gifted and charismatic violinist who has a
brilliant technique and a captivating presence on stage.
She has the makings of a soloist”
Marco Boni
Amsterdam Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
Honorary Conductor
Concertizing regularly in recitals and concertos throughout Europe and Russia, Ksenia
Milyavskaya has been acclaimed as an enormously accomplished violinist “who transforms on the stage
into a bright, charismatic and virtuoso soloist” (D.Shapovalov), “that considers her well-developed and
fast technique not as a goal but as a tool that allows her to convey the composer’s ideas and thoughts to
the public” (A.Farulli).
Ksenia is a true representative of the great Russian school of violin. She was born in Volgograd in
1989, and at the age of 4 began her musical path. A year later, on the advice of teachers of the local music
school, her family moved to St. Petersburg, where Ksenia was immediately accepted to the class of the
professor S.M. Shalman at the Special Music School in St. Petersburg's Conservatory for gifted children.
From early childhood Ksenia was enjoying busy concert activity. When she was only 8, she made
her debut in the Mirrors Hall of the Beloselsky-Belozersky’s Palace as a soloist with the St. Petersburg
State Academic Symphony Orchestra. This was the beginning of a brilliant career, that has brought her
world-wide success. “She captivates the audience not only with her charisma and amazing virtuosity but
also with extraordinary artistic and creative maturity” – “Kultura” Magazine, S.Petersburg.
At the age of 9, she became the overall winner of the International Competition in Greece (2000,
Athens). This award was followed by numerous victories and recognitions of juries and public in various
competitions, both in Russia and abroad. Among them - the 1st All-Russian competition “New Names”
(2000, Moscow), the 5th contest of musicians “Youth Assembly of Arts” (2000, Moscow), the
International competition "Homeland Tchaikovsky" (2006, Izhevsk), "Award for high performance skills"
of the International Festival in Belarus, the "EUTERPE" International Competition (2013, Italy), the
“Val Tidone” International Competition (2013, Italy) and many others.
From an early age she was participating in various master classes with famous teachers such as
S.Accardo, E.Grach, S.Kravchenko, J.Repko, Z.Bron, P.Vernikov, M.Martin, K.Wegrzyn, O.Semchuk
and others. She was also chosen to be the performer for the film "I'll be a violinist."
In 2009 she entered the Maastricht conservatory and graduated in 2012, as the student of the
outstanding Russian violinist and pedagogue Boris Belkin. In the galaxy of his pupils we find stars like
Janine Jansen.
Ksenia successfully performs in concert halls in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland,
Lithuania, Finland, Greece, Switzerland, San Marino, etc., receiving warm appreciation from the public
and excellent reviews from the critics; she collaborates with world-renowned conductors such as Darrell
Ang (Singapore), Vasily Petrenko (Russia-Norway), Ronald Masin (Germany), Denis Shapovalov
(Russia), Carlo Tenan (Italy) and many others. Since 2015 she has been giving concerts with Pianist
Bruno Canino, the legend of the chamber music world. Among his partners are great violinists like
I.Perelman and K.Blacher, to name but few.
Despite her busy schedule, Ksenia finds time for students. She has taught at the Florence Music
Academy, “Di.Es.Is.” Academy in Rome and “International Music Academy” in Mantua. She is professor
of summer master classes in Gubbio (Italy) and Paris (France). In 2010 she was invited as a Violin
Professor to the Strings Department of the Imola International Piano Academy "Meetings with the
Maestro" (“Incontri col Maestro”). The director of the I.I.P.Academy is Maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy.
She plays a Bernardel violin from 1840.