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Is there evidence that plants
make, use and store foods?
Ahhhhh but yes!
Plants use
Carbon Dioxide
and Water to
make Glucose It’s
Let’s examine……………………..
‘synthesis’ = BUILD
‘photo’ = LIGHT
Photosynthesis means building with Light
carbon dioxide + water
 Green plants can make their own food from ……..… and ………..…
 using energy in the form of ………………….
 which is absorbed by chlorophyll in the ………………...
 The end products of photosynthesis are ………. and ………….
Evidence….. Plants make food
• Plants produce glucose.
• Glucose can be combined into
larger molecules of
carbohydrates and fats.
• Carbohydrates and fats can
add minerals from the soil to
make proteins.
• Animals gain energy and useful
material by eating plants
The glucose is very useful for the plant
Can be converted
into fats and oils
for the seeds
Can be joined
together to
make cellulose
for the cell
Can be converted
to fructose for
the fruit
Can be combined with
nutrients from the
soil to make proteins
for the new growth
Can be used
in respiration
to release
can be joined
together to make
starch for
Evidence…. Plants make food
• Tests can be done that indicate the
presence of carbohydrates, fats and
proteins like using the indicator iodine
to detect starch (a carbohydrate).
Evidence….. Plants use food
• Plants that start
from a seed use the
food inside the seed
to grow roots, stems
and leaves.
• The seed coat
shrivels and falls off
as the food is used
Evidence….. Plants store food
• Plant structures such as
seeds, roots, nuts and fruits
contain nutrients and have
Evidence…..Because of its stored (food)
energy, the potato continues to grow
long after it has been harvested.
Evidence….. Plants store food
• As the plant matures,
the size of the fruit, nut
root and/or seed increases
indicating food storage
»Extra food is stored in the
roots, leaves and seeds.
Roots also store food – their location
underground is utilized by many plants as a place
to store food out of the reach of the typical
herbivore for times of the year when conditions
are not suitable for growth.
Storage Roots
It’s your turn…..
• Explain the process
(give evidence) of how
plants make, use, and
store food.
• Now, add this to your
“I can statements”