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Chicago Variety Theatre
10 April, 2014 - By Mick Jensen - Experienced hands are making light work of creating costumes and accessories for the
Variety Theatre's upcoming production of Chicago.
Hand and machine sewers are challenged with making, revamping and
adjusting a host of items needed in the ritzy, fast moving adult
musical, set during the prohibition days of the 1920s.
Leading the wardrobe gang is Jo Hooper, eagerly assisted by eight other willing volunteers with years of experience
behind them.
involved had been making and sewing clothing for a month already, and
would likely still be adjusting and tweaking garments up until the
curtain call, said Mrs Hooper.
Some costumes had been sourced and hired, but most of the wardrobe items would be made to fit, she said.
big wardrobe fit-out had just been completed and cast members would be
``nabbed at rehearsals'' over the coming weeks as the director tweaked
costumes to achieve the look he wanted.
``We're really grateful for
the support of Rosebank, which has allowed us to work from and store our
costumes in one of their villas,'' said Mrs Hooper.
So far sewers have been tackling sexy corsets, bras, neck ties, dresses, suits, fan feathers and a variety of head pieces.
Each piece is inscribed with the name of the performer destined to wear it.
The wardrobe team includes Variety Theatre president Bridget Danielson and theatre patron Mona Reddecliffe.
Both ladies have always maintained behind-the-scenes roles in their support of local productions.
Reddecliffe, now 93, said it was fun to work with the wardrobe team and
good to maintain an involvement with the theatrical crowd.
The same sentiments were echoed by veteran sewer and wardrobe supporter Nancy Winter, aged 86.
Chicago, a tale of murder, greed, adultery and treachery, will be performed at the Ashburton Trust Event Centre from
May 17-24.
Tickets are available from the venue or at
Glitzy wardrobe girls Jo Hooper, Deb Ellery, Mona Reddecliffe, Bridget Danielson and Nancy Winter.
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