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The implications of the financialeconomic crisis for the financial services
Presentation: Globalaw Americas Regional meeting
Hotel Hyatt Regency Curacao
June 11th , 2010
Drs. A.G. Romero
Executive director Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen
Challenges for the local financial sector.
◦ GDP growth 1%
◦ Unemployment rate drops to 10%
World economic and financial environment.
World Economic outlook
Performance selected countries
Dow Jones industrial avg. New York
AEX Amsterdam
Euro dollar exchange rate
Financial services represent 16% of the
16% employment created in the sector
Average of 11% foreign exchange earnings
Adherence to budgetary norms and corporate
governance rules
Maintaining the financial services industry
flexible and transparent
Transparency and information exchange
Reduction corporate tax rates
Flexiblisation of labor market laws