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Caesar in
58-50 BC
 Caesar’s
exploits in Gaul gave him particular
Cisalpine Gaul
Good recruiting ground for troops
Future source of strength
Close proximity to Rome allowed Caesar to maintain
close contact with the capital
Transalpine Gaul
Military glory and extend Rome’s influence
Acquire great wealth – needed for future career
Map of Caesar’s
Campaigns in Gaul
• 58-56 BC –
Defeat of the
Helvetti and
• 55-54 BC –
Crossing of the
Rhine and
invasion of Britain
• 54-51 BC –
Eburones’ attack
and cause issues
for Caesar.
Roman victory at
the battle of
Alesia against
Arveni tribes.
Importance of his conquest of Gaul
For Caesar
For Romans
For Gauls
He built up a great
military reputation to
equal that of
Increased Rome’s
strength by adding
an area twice the
size of Italy, with
greater population
than Spain and
offering vast
Promised future
peace and
protection from the
Provided him with
wealth needed to
buy political
supporters in Rome.
He had support from
Gaul during the
coming Civil War.
Rome no longer
limited to
Opened the land of
the Gauls to Roman
Why success?
 Lack
of unity, discipline and determination
among the Gauls;
 German cavalry employed by Caesar
during the great revolt led by
 Caesar’s genius in military tactics and
strategy, swift action and superb
 Leniency shown by Caesar in his
organisation of Gaul