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Public Health SOS
Una St.Clair-Moniz, Executive Director,
Citizens for Safe Technology Society
Sources of Wireless Radiation
Cell phones
Cell towers
Cordless phones
PDA’s – Blackberry,
Treo, iPhone
Wireless games (Wii)
Baby monitors
Smart Meters
Wireless headsets reduce
exposure to brain but
increase exposure to
pelvic area
Wireless Internet – WiFi, Wi-Max, WLAN
Weight of Scientific Evidence shows
Adverse Health Effects
All studies show increased brain tumor risk
after 10 years
Malignant brain tumors – 40% increase 30
mins/day after 10 years – Interphone
Heavy cell phone use by teens show four to
five times more brain tumors by late 20’s –
Dr. Lennart Hardell, Sweden
BioInitiative Report Scientists
Carl Blackman, PhD – employed by US Environmental Protection
Agency, Martin Blank, PhD – College of Physicians/Surgeons,
Columbia University – Prof. Michael Kundi, Medical University of
Vienna – David Carpenter, MD, Director of Institute of Health,
University at Albany – Dr. Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Department of
Oncology, University Hospital, Sweden – Dr. Olle Johansson, PhD,
Department of Neuroscience, Stockholm – Henry Lai, PhD,
Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington – Dr.
Hansson Mild, PhD, Department of Radiation Physics, Umea
University, Sweden – Drs. Xu and Chen, Zhejiang University School
of Medicine, China – James Burch PhD, Arnold School of Public
Health, Unversity of South Carolina, Stanton Glanz, PhD, University
of California, Cardiovascular Research Institute and nstitute for
Health Policy, Dennis Henshaw PhD, Human Radiation Effects,
Bristol University , David Gee, European Environmental Agency
BioInitiative Report - 2007
Double strand DNA breaks and oxidative stress
Stress proteins in cell = cellular distress
RF induced gene expression changes
Sleep, cognitive function and performance
Blood brain barrier alterations
Micronuclei and chromosome aberrations
Neurobehavioral effects
Analyzed over 2,000 peer reviewed & published research reports
(Bioinitiative Report 2007)
Long term – Accelerated Aging
Childhood & adult leukemia,
Childhood & adult brain tumors
Increased risk of Alzheimers and
neurodegenerative diseases
Altered immune function including increased
allergic & inflammatory responses
Pathological leakage brain/blood barrier
Genotoxic effects (DNA damage)
See BioInitiative Report and Public Health Implications of Wireless Technologies,
Public Health SOS, Pathophysiology Reports
ECOLOG report for T-Mobile –
April 2000
…mobile play role in
development of cancer – notably tumors of
central nervous system
Direct damage on DNA, including synthesis and
repair mechanisms
Chromosome aberrations and micronuclei 5w/m2
Damaging effects on immune system from
0.2w/m2 – high stress hormones demonstrated
ECOLOG continued
Effects on blood-brain barrier and activity of
neurotransmitters demonstrated
Changes in sleep EEG of humans 0.5w/m2
Impairment of cognitive functions 2w/m2
Epidemiological study of children exposed to
pulsed high frequency caused decrease in
capability to concentrate and increase in reaction
Effects on central nervous system proven for
intensities well below current guidelines.
1800 MHz RF radiation induces
oxidative damage to mtDNA
2009 study, Dept. of Occupational Health,
Military Medical University, China
At 24 hours exposure RF radiation induced
significant increase in DNA oxidative
damage in the mitochondria of neurons.
Mitochondrial DNA and RNA showed
obvious reduction after RF exposure.
Sperm Head Abnormalities -2009
Male mice exposed to RF radiation from
mobile phones caused up to 46.3% sperm
head abnormalities compared to 2.13% in
control group.
Occurrence of sperm head abnormalities
found to be dose dependent.
Implications on the reproductive health of
MW/RF Radiation Exposure Study
San Francisco Medical Society
Changes in cell
membrane function
Major changes in calcium
Changes in cellular signal
Cell proliferation
Activation of protooncogenes
Activation of cellular
heat shock proteins as
if heating occurred
when it has not
Chromosome aberrations
Reduction in melatonin
Wi-Fi Alters Gene Expression
Department of Medicine, University of
Chicago – 2005
Exposed cultured human cells to 2.45 GHz
221 genes altered expression after 2 hours
759 genes altered expression after 6 hours
Results indicated that RF 2.45 GHz can
alter gene expression through non-thermal
Why is Wi-Fi so Dangerous?
It constantly transmits at full power –
doesn’t decrease power when not in use
It is on 24/7
Exposure to full power microwave pulses
from router every few seconds even if
computer off.
Scientifically proven biologically active
Evidence of cumulative effects
Evidence of Cumulative Effects
“…results indicate changes in the response
characteristics of the nervous system with
repeated exposure, suggesting that the effects are
not ‘forgotten’ after each episode of exposure”
“Neurological Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation, Dept. of
Bioengineering, school of Medicine, University of Washington
Soviets scientists warn of cumulative effects of
non-thermal radiation doses, including
reproductive and genetic effects
Electromagnetic sensitivity recognized
internationally – growing health disaster
Chronic condition/disability of hyper-sensitive
reactions to EMR
Can only be reversed by reducing exposure
EHS Proclamations – Colorado, Connecticut,
Florida, New Foundland, Victoria
Some people no recognizable symptoms, but does
not mean they are unaffected.
What does that mean on an
everyday basis?
Fatigue & Anxiety
Sleep problems
Skin disorders
Tinnitus (ringing ears)
Restless leg syndrome
Thyroid disorders
Racing heart/palpitations
Digestive changes
High blood pressure
Blood sugar levels
Joint & muscle pain
Memory & concentration
WHO Recognizes EHS
…a phenomenon where individuals experience
adverse health effects while using or being in the
vicinity of devices emanating EMF’s – EHS is a
real and sometimes debilitating problem for the
affected persons while the level of EMF in their
neighborhood is no greater than is encountered in
normal living environments. Their exposures are
generally several orders of magnitude under the
limits in internationally accepted standards.
WHO Fact Sheet #296, Dec 05
Electrohypersensitivity statement – “EHS” The symptoms
most commonly experienced include dermatological
symptoms (redness, tingling, burning sensations), as well
as fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness,
nausea, heart palpitation and digestive disturbances.(*and
3% - 10% - Dr. Johansson, Dept. of Neuroscience, Sweden,
Up to 35% - Dr. Havas, University of Trent, Toronto
Recognized Disability in Sweden – support/compensation
Irish, British, French, Italian, German, Austrian, Chinese,
Israeli, Russian, Australian Doctors recognize EHS
Expected to afflict 50% of people by 2017
Special Vulnerability of Children
“The developing organs of a child are the most sensitive
to any possible effects of exposure to electromagnetic
fields.” –University Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
“The consequence of prolonged exposures to children,
whose nervous systems continue to develop until late
adolescence is unknown at this time. This could…result in
diminished capacity for thinking, judgment, memory,
learning and control over behavior.” – BioInitiative
Our Children at Risk…..
Electromagnetic fields are likely to penetrate the brain
more deeply for children than adults…due to smaller
sized brains and softer brain tissue. – University of Pittsburgh
Cancer Inst
Living tissue is vulnerable to EMF within the frequency
bands used by cell phones, even below the threshold of
power imposed by most safety standards, notably an
increase in the permeability of the blood brain barrier and
increased synthesis of stress proteins.” – U of P Cancer Inst.
Urgency to Defend Children’s Health
We also recommend that wired alternatives to Wi-Fi be
implemented, particularly in schools and libraries so that
children are not subjected to elevated RF levels until more
is understood about possible health impacts.- BioInitiative
Canadian Changes Required
Biological Standards are required to protect
public – educate and lobby government
Cellular companies must produce safer
products – consumers demand safety
Hard wiring of computers in schools, public
places – parents protect children
Siting of cell towers away from schools and
homes and lowering of intensity
A Human Rights Issue
SPEAK OUT – Let people know
Remove wireless devices from your home
Break the cell phone addiction
Petition elected officials to stop involuntary
Write to the School/School Board/Minister of
Education to hard wire computers in schools
Protect children as they cannot protect themselves
What Citizens for Safe
Technology is doing
Education and Support
Community, Political and Legal activities
EHS Recovery Centre
Calling All Good Men & Women!
“ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is
for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke
1729 – 1797
Irish political philosopher