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What was the basic difference
between life in Sparta and life
in Athens?
Sparta and Athens Fight
TB 270-271
7th Social Studies
Mrs. Coldiron
Sparta and Athens worked
together to win the
Persian Wars.
Spartans fought on land.
Athenians fought at sea.
Athenian Power
After the Persian Wars many citystates formed an alliance known as
the Delian League.
Each city-state gave money to the
Athens was the strongest member of
the league.
The Athenians began treating other
members in the league as their
The Athenians used the leagues
money to pay for buildings in Athens.
Another Alliance is Formed
In Southern Greece, after the
Persian Wars, many city-states
including Sparta banned together.
The alliance was called he
Peloponnesian League.
Athenian power worried cities in
the Peloponnesian League.
To stop Athens growth, Sparta
declared war.
The Peloponnesian War
431 - 404 B.C
War between
Athens and Sparta
Spartan army marched to Athens,
surrounded the city, and waited.
Athenians stayed inside hoping
that the Spartans would leave.
Spartans began to burn the crops
in the fields around Athens.
The Athenian navy escorted
merchant ships to Athens which
brought plenty of food.
For 10 years neither side gained
an advantage.
Agreed to a truce and the Spartans
went home.
A disease swept through
Killed more than one-third of
the people inside Athens’
Victory for Sparta
Athens has a desire to
expand their territory
Athenian desire for more
territory forced the Spartans
attack Athens.
Spartans cut off the food
supply to Athens.
Athenians who were
starving, surrendered.
The war was over - Sparta
was in control.
For about 30 years, the
Spartans were the most
powerful city-state in
Eventually other citystates begin to resent
them leading to a period
of war.
Fighting among each
other weakened Greece.
Section 1 Assessment
TB 271