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Contributions of Rome
 Most
structure built
around the
Empire made
by army.
 Some
using slave
Roman Technology
• The Romans carried
ideas such as the
tamped earth method
for building walls to
their colonies.
• They originated the
concept of building
dams in Europe.
Roman Roads
• Roads provided a way
for the army to travel
between cities. Later
used for trade.
• Roads needed to be
durable and function
in all weather
Roman Architecture: The Arch
• The Romans used the
arch for everything
from aqueducts to
bridges to cathedrals.
• The arch allowed
architects to span huge
distances & hold
greater weight.
Roman Amphitheatres
• The amphitheatre was
a center for
entertainment. The
amphitheatre was used
for plays, music, and
gladiatorial matches.
Roman Baths
• Idea of bath houses
spread to other areas
of Mediterranean from
• Often built near
natural springs, baths
provided place to bath.
and Water Wheel
• The arch also allowed
Romans to construct
impressive structures like
the aqueducts that could
be seen throughout
• Water wheels carried
water up to the aqueducts
which could carry water
long distances.