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Pharaoh Hatshepsut
By Sarah Wejman, 2015
Basic Information
❏ She ruled in The New Kingdom
❏ She ruled about 1473 to 1458 B.C.E
❏ Also, the new kingdom had warriors pharaohs,
massive building in Thebes, and people had
great wealth
❏ She started off ruling with other family
members, then gained power on her own
Family Members
❏ Father: Thutmose I, who was also a
❏ Mother: Ahmose
❏ Husband: Thutmose II
❏ Child: Neferure
Major Accomplishments
❏ She was the first women to rule Egypt
❏ She made trading a business that it had never been
before, even sending ships miles away for a huge trading
mission. Hatshepsut traded a lot of trees because Egypt
needed them
❏ Art and architecture sprouted when she was a pharaoh,
and it was stunning.Scientists had never seen anything
like it.
Biggest Architecture Achievement
The Deir al-Bahri temple is her best work of architecture ever made
It was made to be a mortuary temple, where tombs are put
It had a beautiful cliff view over the Nile River
It also had 2 tall column-like structures called obelisks, which are
monuments that sit at the front of the temple
People can go inside and visit it, and that is why it is famous
Look what’s inside!
Fun and Interesting Facts
Hatshepsut was the 5th pharaoh in the 18th dynasty
As a pharaoh, it is tradition to make their tombs while they are alive, and
Hatshepsut did so
Scientists believed she died of a skin disorder. They gave her a ointment to
try and cure it, but the ointment had poison in it, so she died of that and the
skin disorder
Her nephew, Thutmose the III, destroyed all pictures or inscriptions after her
death so he could erase her work. But, he didn’t destroy any temples or
statues, so that is how scientists still know about her
Quiz, Fill in the Blank
1. The name of the economic/ geographic achievement that
Hatshepsut was most known for was _____________.
2. Skin disorder was one of the reasons Hatshepsut died, but the
other main reason was _____________.
3. The kingdom that Hatshepsut ruled was ___________. (Think of
Old, Middle, or New Kingdom)
What did you get? Ask Sarah Wejman for
the correct answers!