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Committee: Ad Hoc Sochum
Topic: Addressing Discrimination Against Religious Minorities in the European Union
Sponsoring Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The General Assembly,
Acknowledging the increased tensions and growing animosity toward Muslim minorities
in many states of the European Union
Alarmed by the record-breaking anti-Islam “Pegida” rallies in Dresden Germany in
December 2014 and laws prohibiting German teachers from wearing headscarves passed
in at least half of Germany’s 16 states
Noting the ban on pro-Palestine rallies in France enacted in July 2014 and the growth in
popularity of the French National Front, whose successes can be directly attributed to the
fear of decline and anti-Islam platform on which the party campaigned
Reminding nations that extremist groups such as ISIL and terrorist attacks such as the
recent incident with Charlie Hebdo, which are committed in the name of Islam, in fact
reject the true tenets of the Islamic religion
Suggesting that the alienation and discrimination felt by European Muslims may be the
reason why a small portion of the European population has felt compelled to join
extremist groups such as the Islamic State
1. Expresses concern about the discriminatory and intolerant platforms exhibited by
far-right parties in the European Union that have been gaining popularity
2. Reaffirms that the actions and beliefs of a small number of Muslim extremists are
generalized for the entire Muslim population, and that such stereotypes have
caused unwarranted prejudice against Islam as a whole within the European
3. Encourages journalists and the media to use their platform to portray Islamic beliefs
more accurately by:
a. Encouraging acceptance of symbols and clothing associated with Islam
such as the hijab and kufiya,
b. Educating citizens on the issues faced by the Muslim community,
c. Screening productions made by Muslim producers such as the film
Timbuktu by Abderrahmane Sissako, which was removed from a theater in
the Paris suburb of Villiers-sur-Marne because the town’s mayor claimed
it was “an apology for terrorism;”
4. Endorses the creation of the United Nations Agency for Religious Minorities,
which will combat discrimination against belief systems by:
a. Setting up a convention arbitrated by the United Nations between
European Muslim leaders and policymakers from across the EU in order
to create dialogue about the discrimination that the Muslim population
b. Creating a campaign to combat prejudice against Muslims in Europe,
through advertisements, pamphlets, and events that create dialogue and
correct misperception of the Islamic faith
5. Reminds all nations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 18,
which states “everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and