Download Specification For Insertion Type Magnetic Flowmeter

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Specification For Insertion Type Magnetic Flowmeter
The electromagnetic insertion flow sensor shall generate an electrical signal
proportional flow velocity from a range of 0.15-33 feet per second. The output
signals shall be optional 4-20 mA analog, or digital S3L / open-collector pulse with
maximum pull-up voltage of 30 vdc, and a maximum current sink of 50 mA.
Sensor shall operate with a power input of 5 – 26.4 vdc, with a maximum current
draw of 15 mA.
The microprocessor based sensor shall include Empty Pipe Detection, LED-assisted
troubleshooting, and Bi-Directional span capability (in 4-20 mA models). An optional
USB to Digital (S3L) Configuration/Diagnostic Tool shall be used to span (in 4-20 mA
models), and/or customize performance features including Noise Rejection Filter,
Low Flow Cutoff, Averaging Time, and Sensitivity.
The accuracy will be ±2% of measured value (in reference conditions where the fluid
is water at ambient temperature, the sensor is inserted at the correct depth and
there is a fully developed flow profile which is in compliance with ISO 7145-1982 (BS
1042 section 2.2). Linearity of the output signal with respect to the flow rate shall be
+/- 1% of reading plus 0.033 ft/s, with a repeatability of +/- 0.5% of reading @ 77°F.
Three optional sensor lengths shall allow the flow sensor to install into standard 1¼
in. or 1½ in. pipe outlets. Optional sensor lengths will allow adjustability to fit pipes
from 2 to 102 inches, and to accommodate ball valves for hot-tap installations.
The sensor shall not create a pressure drop of >1 psi at any flow rate.
The sensor body shall be 316L Stainless Steel body that shall accommodate up to
300 psi @ 77°F, 20 psi @ 185°F.
The sensing electrodes shall be 316L Stainless Steel surrounded by PVDF
insulating nose piece.
Sensor shall have the following standards and approvals CE, UL, NEMA 6 ,
EN61326: Immunity and Emissions for Control Equipment, and U.S. Patent No.
7,055,396 B1.
The flow sensor shall be a Georg Fischer Signet model 2552 or equal.
#M276h (6/2009)