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Tesla Motors AMC6821 E2E Question
I had a couple questions about the AMC6821. I was wondering if the IC can still provide PWM to the
fan by referencing only the internal temperature sensor, or does the IC have to have the external
diode temperature sensor to make a reference to. Also, I wanted to double check that the IC can
still run properly even after I2C communication is terminated. Any help would be greatly
AMC6821, fan controller, AMC6821Q1, AMC6821-Q1, control, automotive, AMC, 6821
From the data sheet, looks like the AMC6821 can provide PWM control of fan speed
using only the internal sensor, but the external sensor input would need to be set up such
that the chip “thinks” the external temperature it is observing is lower. The spec sheet text
indicates that the sensor with the highest reading takes precedence.
Would either use resistor to set a defined voltage on the external sensor input, or add a
diode in series with the bipolar used as temperature sense element.