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ID Bibliography for Books in Room F253
Use this helpful bibliography to find information for your topic.
Suggestion: Read through the bibliography and highlight the books you are interested in
BEFORE you look for them! If you need help ask Ms. Barella or Ms. Richman.
General Books with Information About More Than One Civilization
A Street Through Time:
This book is great for anyone working on Roman or Greek architecture -- either domestic
or public. It has fantastic cross sections of the buildings!
Everyday Life in the Ancient World:
Great for Egypt -- Fashion, Mummification, Architecture. For Greece: Fashion, Theatre,
Sports, Architecture. For Rome: Fashion and Architecture.
Winer, Bart. Life in the Ancient World.
Useful for Mesopotamia -- Architecture, Writing and Religion.
Corbishley, Mike. Secret Cities.
Great For Egyptian Architecture, Greek Architecture and Roman Architecture.
Books about Ancient Greece:
Eyewitness Ancient Greece.
This is the essential book for Architecture, Gods, Fashion, Games and Sports, and
anything to do with war.
National Geographic: Greek Civilization.
Really useful information on Games & Sports, Architecture, Pottery (painting) and
Chelepi, Chris. Growing Up in Ancient Greece.
This book has information on Greek Pottery, Architecture, Education and Fashion.
Apel, Melanie Ann. Home Life in Ancient Greece.
A good source for Greek Architecture, Pottery, Painting, Fashion and Sports.
Fontes & Purcell Graphic Universe. The Trojan Horse.
Use this book for information on Greek Ships and Greek Gods.
Peppas, Lynn. Life in Ancient Greece.
This book is an excellent source for information on Greek Architecture, Fashion,
Education, Writing, Sports and Theatre.
Usborne. Greeks.
Here you will find great information on Greek Pottery (p.30), Ships (p.34), Architecture,
Sculpture, Education, Sports, Music and Drama.
Middleton, Haydn. Ancient Greek Jobs.
Useful for information on Greet Pottery, Sculpture, Architecture, Sports and Drama.
Boardman, John. Greek Art.
Although this book is usually used in college courses, you will find some useful (and
useful!) information about Greek Painting, Pottery, Sculpture and Architecture.
Kropa, Susan. Ancient Greece Independent Learning Unit.
OK, yes, this book is supposed to be used by teachers. However, if you are working on
Greek Architecture check out pp. 24--25, and if you are doing Sports, Pottery or Theatre you will
also find information in this book!
Time Life Great Ages of Man: Classical Greece.
This book has it all! Education, Pottery, Music, Theatre, Ships, Architecture, Games &
Sports and even Music!
Weisgard, Leonard. Life Long Ago, The Athenians.
Useful for Education, Pottery, Music and Theatre.
Books about Ancient Egypt
Billard, Jules B. Ancient Egypt, Discovering Its Splendors.
In this book you will find information on Architecture, Writing and Gods.
Stelle, Philip. Hidden Worlds. The Egyptians and the Valley of the Kings.
This is a great book for information on Architecture and Fashion. Don’t miss the section
on Tutankhamun’s jewelry!
Lost Civilizations: Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs
This book provides information on Burial Rituals, Architecture, Fashion and Boats &
Kaplan, Leslie C. Art and Religion in Ancient Egypt.
If you are working on Music or Burial Rituals this book is for you!
Hieroglypics, The Writing of Ancient Egypt.
The title says it all!
Perl, Lila. Mummies, Tombs and Treasure. Secrets of Ancient Egypt.
Useful if your topic is Burial Rituals.
Martin, Richard. Mummies.
Once again, the title speaks for itself!
Sheppard, E.J. Then and There Series. Ancient Egypt.
Best for Egyptian Writing. See p. 71.
Middleton, Haydn. The Pyramids.
Use this book for information on Architecture and Burial Rituals.
Books About Ancient Mesopotamia:
Praeger Art of the Ancient Near East.
Difficult reading, but a good book for research.
Kuhn & Chase. Assyria, Chaldea and Persia.
Good information on Architecture, Fashion and Religion.
DK Eyewitness Mesopotamia.
One of the best sources for information about Mesopotamia. Especially good for
Religion, Architecture, Writing, Fashion and Jewelry.
Schomp, Virginia. Ancient Mesopotamia.
Great information about Writing and Religion.
Mehta-Jones, Shilpa. Life in Ancient Mesopotamia.
Use this book for information about Architecture, Fashion, Writing and Religion.
Books About Ancient Rome
Unstead, R. See Inside a Roman Town.
This book is a “must” if you are doing Roman Architecture!
You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Roman Gladiator.
Or would you...?
Connoly, Peter. The Roman Fort.
Useful for Public Architecture.
Connoly, Peter. The Roman Town.
Eyewitness Ancient Rome.
Start with this book! It has lots of information on all topics to do with Ancient Rome!
Eyewitness Pompeii.
Great information about this fantastic, preserved, city.
Miller. Life Long Ago -- The Romans.
Some information on all topics and daily life.
Usborne. Internet Linked Romans.
The links seem to be out of date, but there is great information on Ships. There is also
good information on Architecture, Fashion and Drama.
Three books with information on Roman Architecture:
Imperial Rome, Rome Then and Now and The Colosseum.