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Ryan & Brooklynn
 Iran 1835
 Henry Rawlinson
 Started to decipher Cuneiform
 Cuneiform was one of the earliest forms of written, Used symbols/signs
 Symbols represented objects and ideas
 Scribes were responsible for reading and writing
 Oldest pieces of Literature in the world, is the Epic of Gilgamesh
 People of Mesopotamia used Literature to preserve religious teachings,
ancient legends ETC.
 Gilgamesh ruled around 2600 BCE but the tablet is from 1700 BCE
Arts & Sculpture
 Almost everyone owned a small statue of one of the gods
 Mosaics were mostly used to tell a story
 Most famous Mosaic was the Standard of Ur, found by Leonard Woolley
 Relief carvings were an important art form, depicted mythical animals or
Extra Facts
 Cuneiform comes fro the Latin word cunes meaning wedge
 Ideograms represented different words
 Used clay and a reed stylus to write