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Ryan Farris is a cellist and composer from Nederland, Colorado. He started playing the cello in his school orchestra in 5th grade. He quickly became enamored with the instrument and began taking private lessons the very same year. A year later, he tried his hand at composition and found he had a passion for it. In 7th grade he joined the local youth symphony and had his first piece premiered by his school orchestra. Annual premiers soon became a tradition, and he started conducting his own works. By the end of high school he realized that he wanted to become a professional conductor, so he applied to the University of Colorado for Cello Performance and Music Composition in order to gain as diverse a musical perspective as possible to bring to the podium. He is now in his third year of study there. As a cellist, Ryan performs a wide variety of music from the Baroque to 20th Century and Contemporary repertoire. He has played in the Colorado All-­‐Sate Orchestra, the Western States Honor Orchestra, the Boulder Youth Symphony, and the University of Colorado Symphony. He is a member of the Alpine String Quartet, a group of undergraduate string players at the University of Colorado who put on several concerts a year as well as perform at weddings and other private functions. He studies privately with Judith Glyde. As a composer, Ryan writes music that is both accessible and appealing to a wide audience. Specializing mostly in string music, he has been attempting to branch out into other realms of instrumental possibilities lately. He studies privately with Carter Pann.