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Attack Surface Manager
Optimize Security Control Configurations and
Minimize Your Attack Surface
Security operators have a big job—and the daily risks are
high. Network configurations are in constant flux as digital
transformation accelerates. Business demands on networks
are exploding in our increasingly interconnected cybereconomy. Each interface in this global web is a potential attack
vector. And cyberattackers are working tirelessly to improve
stealth, time to compromise, and lateral access across
these networks. Ensuring your hardware, software, and
data assets have optimized security control configurations
is enough work to keep a small army of IT professionals
busy. Fall behind just slightly and your network can become
vulnerable to even the most basic exploits.
AtomicEye ASM (Attack Surface Manager) continuously
scans each endpoint to reveal configuration violations or
issues with no human involvement. These can include a
missing patch on a server, an unauthorized application,
inappropriate admin privileges, an unusual open port, or
an unrecognized IP address. Once a violation is identified,
the full power of AtomicEye ASM is revealed in its ability to
resolve violations and issues automatically per your protocols. Instead of an endless to-do list for IT Ops, you get a
smaller attack surface, a lower likelihood of a breach, and
the peace of mind that comes with automated control over
your security configurations.
Continuous assessment and management
of your endpoints
AtomicEye ASM is a powerful security management
platform that uses intelligent agents residing on each
endpoint to gather a massive number of attributes
from each system. A standard Windows 10 machine, for
example, can generate as many as 2 million observable
attributes. The continuous scanning of endpoints at this
‘atomic’ level enables AtomicEye ASM to detect vulnerabilities instantaneously and to execute a fix immediately
if necessary. Automating fundamental security practices
using patented machine learning algorithms allows your
security staff to focus their efforts on higher level security
The concept is simple—if you patch all possible vulnerabilities and manage all application and operating system configurations in accordance with your custom security profile, your attack surface will remain small. However, without trusted
automation, the change management overlaid with configuration management required to accomplish this is unwieldy and
time consuming. AtomicEye ASM shoulders this critical role by applying machine learning to orchestrate the automation of
the critical tasks needed to keep your network secure.
Continuous Asset
Configuration Management
& Remediation
Critical Controls
Deployment & Enforcement
Installs an intelligent agent on
all authorized devices which
automatically inventories all
software and operating systems
resident on each device
Records a continuous inventory
of all hardware and software
assets for security control and
change management
Identifies, using inventory
filters, certain types of software
objects relevant in determining
if a patch is applicable
Continuously scans endpoints
to identify, track, and timestamp
changes made to system attributes as well as unauthorized
downloads, communications, or
Correlates known vulnerabilities
to inventoried applications and
operating systems
Identifies missing patches and
Remediates with minimal to no
analyst intervention when configuration violations are detected or
security controls are violated
Provides and maintains policy
templates for industry standard security controls
Ensures controls are being
enforced on every system
across the entire organization
worldwide through continuous
Customizes critical security
controls and compliance audit
controls by device group, including application security
“New technology is interesting, but not at the expense of the basics. Look at what
simple, fast, and relatively easy security configuration practices you should
revisit. The data shows this will put a big dent in the problem.”
—Craig Lawson, Research VP, Gartner
Networks and endpoints are in constant flux, so it is a never-ending job to ensure that security
configurations and controls are enforced. AtomicEye ASM automates these procedures on every endpoint,
every day. Moreover, when a vulnerability is identified, AtomicEye ASM manages the remediation process
with little or no analyst intervention. The result is a minimized attack surface and maximized security
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