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Music Theory
What are they?
How do they differ from each other?
How do you differentiate?
Pieces composed for a group of wind/string
instruments (varying sizes and
System of staff notation
Technically demanding
Popularized originally by the upper classes
Gregorian Chants
Romantic/Late 18th century
19th and 20th century
9 symphonies, 11 overtures, incidental music to plays, violin concerto, 5
piano concertos, 16 string quartets, 9 piano trios, 10 violin sonatas, 5
cello sonatas, 32 large piano sonatas, many sets of piano variations, an
oratorio, an opera, and two masses, etc.
“They are roused by moods which in the poet’s case are transmuted into
words and in mine into tones, that sound, roar and storm until at last
they take shape for me as notes.”
First period: assimilating
Second period: rugged individualism
Third Period: reflective and introspective
“One of the great disruptive forces in the history of music”
What is he most famous for?
Schiller’s Ode to Joy as music
Emphasizes universal fellowship through joy,
and its basis in the love of an eternal heavnely
“I must live alone like one who has been banished, I can mix with
society only as much as true necessity demands. If I approach near
to people a hot terror seizes upon me and I fear being exposed to
the danger that my condition might be noticed. Thus it has been
during the last six months which I have spent in the country…what
a humiliation for me when someone standing next to me heard a
flute in the distance and I heard nothing, or someone heard a
sheperd singing and again I heard nothing. Such incidents drove
me almost to despair, a little more of that and I would have ended
my life—it was only my art that held me back. Ah, it seemed to me
impossible to leave the world until I had brought forth all that I felt
was within me…Oh Providence—grant me at last but one day of
pure joy—it is so long since real joy echoed in my heart…”
For homework, you need to do a detailed
breakdown of a musical genre including the
 Instrumentation
 Different periods and way the music changed
 Famous singers/composers
 Representative singer/composer and details on
that individual