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Powerful milling cutter – soft cut
With some product launches there is often a need to read the associated information several times
in order to fully understand the benefits. This is definitely not the case with the new S-Cut milling
cutters from WNT. In spite of the ingenuity – or perhaps even because of it –the S-Cut is extremely
easy to explain with the S-curve of the cutting edge and the extremely irregular pitch making it a
unique and highly innovative tool that outshines comparable milling cutters in every single test. This
patent pending system will make the S-Cut is the new star among milling cutters.
The result of intensive research in collaboration with an institute for applied research services, the SCut SC-Uni from WNT is a high performance cutter (HPC) cutter that stands out from the crowd due
to its soft cutting and extremely smooth running capabilities; with the unique geometry positively
influencing the vibration behaviour of the cutter. These characteristics not only have a highly
positive impact on tool life, but also improve the surface quality of the workpiece, as fewer
vibrations are produced during milling. Thanks to the soft cutting action of the S-Cut SC-Uni, feed
rates can be increased to reduce cycle times.
With the S-Curve geometry the helix angle becomes smaller until the inflection point is reached.
From this point onwards, the helix angle increases again. This results in a significant improvement in
cutting performance along with considerably smoother cutting action. "During test runs with the SCUni, we witnessed a substantial reduction in vibrations," recalls Daniel Rommel, the WNT Product
Manager responsible for the SC-Uni. "Naturally, this had an extremely positive effect on the tool life,
which was increased by more than a third, along with the benefits of increased feed rates that
increase productivity.”
Further assisting the elimination of vibration is the S-Cut’s extremely irregular pitch of the cutting
edges, which counteracts the induced vibrations from tool to workpiece to machine tool system
caused by entry and exit frequencies when making the cut. This results in an extremely stable
machining process with hardly any visible chatter marks. "There was a visible improvement in the
surface quality compared with conventional solid carbide milling cutters," emphasises Daniel
Rommel. "Not only does this increase process stability, it also ensures that the spindle output of the
milling machine is fully exploited." One final benefit of this extreme irregular pitch also makes
possible higher depths of cut at large angles of engagement, which increases the maximum cutting
depth significantly.
Thanks to its outstanding performance and exceptional wear resistance the S-Cut guarantees the
highest levels of cost effectiveness. Its universal application options for machining steel and stainless
materials make it perfect for applications that demand a long service life and high-quality machining.
The advanced technology of the S-Cut SC-Uni meets these challenges and takes milling to a whole
new level.
To see the S-Cut in action simply call 0800 073 2 073 and request a demonstration by one of WNT
(UK)’s Technical Sales engineers, or simply click on for a video of the S-Cut.