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What questions are researchers asking
in order to understand fire ecology?
How does the ecosystem, topography and
climate work in dynamic relationship to build
resilience to fire?
Landscape perspective
Species perspective
How does the vegetation
create certain fire behaviour
across the landscape?
How does the vegetation
change across the landscape
after fire?
How do these changes
impact on the next fire event?
What are natural fire cycles
or fire regimes for different
How might these be
How does the period
between fire events
(fire regimes) impact
on different species
of flora and fauna?
How does the
severity of fire
impact on the
canopies of
eucalyptus and
other species?
What is the impact
on food sources
for birds and
How does fire help
create habitats for
fauna, such as in
fallen logs?
How resilient are
fauna to fire events of
ranging intensity?
How might fallen logs
impede fuel mitigation
What is the
flammability of
different types of
To what extent does
fire result in the
growth of more
How might a fire
disturbance cause the
invasion of weeds?
How does fire affect
water quality and
What toxins are
What fire regimes
might help fight tree
decline and keep
eucalyptus forests
How might key
indicator species help
us understand the
health of a forest
habitat after fire?
How does fire affect
fungi and microbiological layers within
the soil?
What is the impact on
ecological processes
dependent on the
functions of these
What vegetation
propagates through
sprouting or seeding
after fire?
How can seeders
repopulate areas after
Why are certain types
of plants found where
they are?
What soil
temperatures are
reached with different
fire intensity?
What is the impact on
seed types at different
soil depths?
What vegetation
disappears after one
fire event, but comes
back after a second
event and why?
What might be crucial
intervals between fire
to maintain certain
How do different fuel
litter sizes and volume
impact on the heat
and spread of a fire?
What are issues with
fuel litter disappearing
after fire in terms of