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Timeline Of Soviet Under
Communist Rule
By :Jeremy Taylor
October Revolution Of 1917
“Bread! Give us bread!“ It wasn't a gunshot but a cry for bread that began the
Russian Revolution of 1917.Strike was upon St. Petersburg(was
Petrograd)students, teachers, office workers all in the strike. Virus fast spreading
hatred of Czar Nicholas Ii. Groups of soldiers refused to attack the huge crowd .
Czars’ 370 rule was coming to and end. ussia had suffered great losses in the war
against Germany. The czar was forced to give up the throne, and a provisional
government briefly took over Russia.
Vladimir Lenin
Born April 10, 1870–Janaury 21, 1924
Ruled Communist soviet union leader of the Bolshevik (later
Communist) Party, and first ruler of the Union of Soviet
Socialist Republics.
Death date-1953 By stoke
Bolsheviks’ party
In October 1917 the Bolsheviks’ a Communist group led a revolution and took control of the
country. They made peace with Germany then Russia came into another problem a civil war
between the Red (Communist) army and the White (anti-Communist) forces. The Reds won.
Under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin, the Bolsheviks began more than seven decades of oneparty Communist rule. In 1922, the old Russian empire united as the Union of Soviet Socialist
Republics. The U.S.S.R,or Soviet Union, lasted until 1991 Russian Revolution.
Josef Stalin
Took over the Bolshevik party after Lenin’s death.
Stalin joined the Social Democratic Labour Party and whereas most of the leaders were living in exile, he stayed in Russia
where he helped to organize industrial resistance to Tsarism. On 18th April, 1902, Stalin was arrested after coordinating a
strike at the large Rothschild plant at Batum. After spending 18 months in prison Stalin was deported to Siberia