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Life Cycles
Plants and Animals
By Miss Kerr
Mt. Loafer Elementary
Salem, Utah
*A fact of life is that
things change.
*Plants and animals are
among those things
that change.
*They go through many
different stages as
they grow, just like
The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
The life of a butterfly
begins as an egg…
then it grows into a
the caterpillar makes a
then after time, a
butterfly emerges!
The Life Cycle of a Plant
The life of a plant
begins as a seed…
then it begins to
then it develops roots, a
stem, and leaves!
The Life Cycle of a Frog
The life of a frog begins
as an egg…
then it develops into a
then legs grow and it
becomes a frog!
Can you think of any other life
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• Pictures taken from Microsoft Clip Art