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Health Study Guide
Muscular and Skeletal System
Define Skeletal System
– A body system made up of bones, joints and connective tissue.
Skeletal System Functions1. Provides a strong framework capable of movement
2. Supports and protects internal organs
3. Functions as a storage system for minerals like calcium and phosphorous
4. Produces the body’s blood cells
Define Bone Marrow – soft tissue in the center of the bone that produces blood cells
Connective Tissues
Cartilage - strong, flexible, gel-like tissue between bones
Tendons - attach muscles and bones
Ligaments - connect bone to joints
4 main joints of the skeletal system – give examples
Hinge joint – Elbow and knee
Gliding Joint – Wrist and Ankles
Pivot Joint – Head and Neck
Ball-and-socket joint – Shoulder and Hip
Problems of the Skeletal System –
Fracture – brake in the bone
Dislocation – bone that is moved out of the joint
Sprain – stretching or twisting of ligaments causing swelling
Scoliosis – disorder in which the spine curves to one side of the body.
Define Muscular System
-a group of structures that give your body parts the power to move
Muscular System Functions1. Gives your body parts the power to move.
2. Help pump blood throughout the body.
3. Help move food through the digestive system.
4. Muscles control the movement of air in and out of your lungs
3 Types of Muscles
Skeletal Muscles – Attach to Bones to help you move
o These Muscles are Voluntary
Smooth Muscles – Muscles found in organs, blood vessels and glands
o These Muscles are Involuntary
Cardiac Muscles – Muscles found in the walls of your heart
o These Muscles are Involuntary
How Muscles Work –
Contraction – the shortening of muscle fibers
Extension – the lengthening of muscle fibers
What is an example of two muscles that work in pairs to make a body part move?
____Biceps & Triceps_______ & ______Hamstrings & Quadriceps_____
Problems of the Muscular System
Muscle Strains – small tears to the muscle or tendon
Muscular Dystrophy – a disorder that causes the skeletal muscle tissue to gradually
waste away.