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Hypothesis Testing (For t distribution- single sample)
Question 12.1
a. A random sample of 25 was drawn from a population. The sample mean and standard
deviation are x = 510 and s = 125. Estimate with 95% confidence.
Hypothesis Testing (For population- single sample)
Question 12.54
a. In a random sample of 500 observations, we found the proportion of successes to be 48%.
Estimate with 95% confidence the population proportion of successes.
Hypothesis Testing (For z distribution –two sample)
Question 13.1
In random sample of 25 from each of two normal populations, we found the following statistics:
x 1 = 524
x 2 = 469
s1 = 129
s2 = 131
a. Estimate the difference between the two populations means with 95% confidence.
Hypothesis Testing (For t distribution –two sample)
Question 13.4
Random sampling from two normal populations produced the following results:
x 1 = 63
x 2 = 60
s1 = 18
s2 = 7
n1 = 50
n2 = 45
a. Estimate with 90% confidence the difference between the two populations means.
Hypothesis Testing (For population –two sample)
Question 13.70
Random samples from two binomial populations yielded the following statistics:
p̂ 1 = 0.45
p̂ 2 = 0.40
n1 = 100
n2 = 100
a. Calculate the p-value of a test to determine whether we can infer that the proportions