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8.2.3 Negative Exponents #1
Name ____________________________________________________ Period __________
Work through each of the problems below to practice the concepts from today’s lesson and review
concepts from previous lessons. Then review AND FIX work your work using the class website: Be sure to always show all work!
8-88. Decide which numbers below are correctly written in scientific notation. If they are not, rewrite
a. 92.5 × 10
9.25 × 10
b. 6.875 × 10
c. 2.8 × 10
d. 0.83 × 100
8.3 × 10
8-89. In the table below, write each power of 10 as a decimal and as a fraction.
a. Describe how the decimals and fractions change as you progress down the table.
The one moves one decimal place to the right, and the denominator of the fraction is
multiplied by 10
b. How would you tell someone how to write 10 as a fraction? Do not write the actual fraction,
just explain how.
They should write 11 zeros after the decimal point followed by a 1
8-90. Mary wants to have $8500 to travel to South America when she is 21. She currently has $6439
in a savings account earning 4% annual compound interest. Mary is 13 now.
a. If Mary does not take out or deposit any money, how much money will Mary have when she
is 15?
b. Will Mary have enough money for her trip when she is 21? Show and explain how you know.
yes; $8812.22
c. If Mary were to graph this situation, describe what the graph would look like.
The graph would be a curve that begins at $6439 and curves upwards
8-91. Recall that vertical lines around a number are the symbol for the absolute value of a number.
Absolute value: is the non-negative value of a number, for example, he absolute value of 3 is 3, and
the absolute value of −3 is also 3. Simplify each expression below.
= 17
= 13
= -4.5
= -4
8-92. For each equation below, solve for x. Sometimes the easiest strategy is to use mental math.
a. 5.2 + x = 10.95
x = 5.75
b. 2x − 3.25 = 7.15
x= 5.2
8-93. Determine the coordinates of each point of intersection without graphing.
a. y = 2x − 3
b. y = 2x − 5
y = 4x + 1
y = −4x −2
(-2, -7)
(.5, -4)