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Age of Explorers
Computer Lab Activity
Bell Ringer
• Who were the first people to visit
North and South America?
• After visiting this website you will create
baseball cards for 6 historical explorers.
• On the front you will draw a picture of the
explorer, put his job title, and his home
country. (Like a baseball card)
• On the back you provide important
information about the explorer such as: Dates
of life, purpose for exploring,
accomplishments, and legacy.
Bell Ringer – 9/9
• What were 3 motivations for
• Think about the explorers you studied.
Gold, God, and Glory
• Gold – Europeans wanted to find quicker, easier,
and safer trade routes to India and China.
o Avoid the Muslim Empires between.
• God – Europeans wanted to spread Christianity to
the “heathens” of the world.
o It was their duty as Godly white men.
Glory – Fueled by the Spirit of the Renaissance,
explorers hoped to bring glory and land to their
• Technology makes it possible.
• Better ship – Caravel – Smaller and sturdier
• Better navigation – astrolabe – accurate longitude
and latitude.
Bell Ringer 9/10
• Which European
country was the first to
sail to India?
Portugal Leads the Way
• Portugal – first to setup trading outposts on West
Coast of Africa.
• Portugal – First to sail around Africa into Indian
• Prince Henry – Enthusiastic monarch who dreamed
of overseas exploration.
o Provided lots of money.
• Prince Henry built a navigation school in Portugal.
o Set up Slave Trading posts in Africa
• Bartolomeu Dias – First to sail around tip of Africa
• Vasco da Gama – First to reach India by sea
o His cargo was worth 60x the cost his 27,000 mile voyage.
Spain makes a claim.
• Spain wanted a piece of the overseas profits.
• 1492 – Christopher Columbus convinces the Spanish
monarch to allow him to sail West to find a new
route to India.
• 1492 – Columbus reached the Caribbean Sea in
North America.
• Portugal became jealous. They thought he had
found a route to India.
• Treaty of Tordesillas – Agreement between Spain
and Portugal to divide America between
Trading Companies
• British East India Company AND
• Dutch East India Company.
• Companies that would pay for explorers to settle
new land and colonize areas to make money.
• Example – A person could buy 1% stock on the
• When the colony or trading post starts making
money, they will receive 1% of the profits.
Map Activity
• Create a Key and label
the World Map with
these items. (Date is
• Portuguese Colonies
• Spanish Colonies
• French Colonies
• English Colonies
• Dutch Colonies
• Columbus’s Journey
• Dias’s Journey
Da Gama’s Journey
Magellan’s Journey
Aztec Empire
Incan Empire
Ottoman Empire
Cortes’s Journey
Treaty of Tordesillas Line