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Position: Post Doctoral Fellow - University of Toronto
Femtosecond Laser Fabrication of Fiber Photonics
A Postdoctoral Position is open jointly between the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
and the Department of Astronomy to drive a multi-disciplinary project involving academic and industry
collaboration. The position entails femtosecond laser processing of optical materials that combines (1)
three-dimensional laser writing of optical waveguide circuits, (2) laser-chemical etching of open
structures, and (3) laser welding, primarily focused on fused silica glasses and optical fiber. The position
has further scope for design and fabrication of silicon on insulators circuits. We are seeking an
independent and highly motivated person with a strong spirit for teamwork, supervision of graduate
students and collaboration with academic and industry partners. The position will hold responsibilities for
design, fabrication, integration, testing, and delivering of prototypes on a scheduled program. The
activities divide over Astronomy and optical communication applications. In astronomy, optical
waveguide devices will be designed, laser-fabricated and integrated into new spectroscopic tools that
could significantly enhance observations in large telescopes. The longer-term objective is to deliver new
instruments to existing world-class astronomical observatories and eventually the Thirty Meter Telescope
in which Canada is a significant partner. In optical communications, various laser processes are to be
combined for enabling low-loss packaging of optical fiber with silicon photonic chips. Design, testing,
and building prototypes to meet the partner specifications is the key objective. Candidates with experience
in ultrafast laser processing, optical waveguide/circuit design, fiber optics, and planar lightwave circuits
will be favoured.
The PDF appointment will be for one year, and renewable for a second. Please provide a CV, list of
relevant publications, three references, and recent university transcripts to Peter R. Herman by email:
[email protected]
More information: