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Kitayimbwa John - Department of Mathematics
Title: Mathematical Modelling of Infectious and Non-infectious Diseases: A case of HIV and
Type II Diabetes
Abstract: Mathematical modelling has been used to great effect, in the understanding of
both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Infectious diseases are illnesses caused by
pathogens, that are contagious and can be spread from one person to another.
Noninfectious diseases on the other hand are neither caused by a pathogen nor
contagious. The mathematical techniques that are used to study the infectious and noninfectious diseases are often varied. We present HIV modelling work done to aid the
understanding of the dynamics of HIV within a host. We further show a framework that
unifies the use of mechanistic models with methods of molecular phylogenetics. We
further introduce proposed modelling work of Type II Diabetes in which we seek to adapt
multivariate approaches in order to classify stages of development of the disease for
different individuals.