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Chapter 1
Vocabulary and Questions
Directions: Please define and explain the terms, key people and questions below with complete thoughts.
1. Sociology:
2. Society:
3. Applied Sociology:
4. Social interaction:
5. Social integration:
6. Sociological perspective:
7. Functional analysis:
8. Theory:
9. Conflict Theory:
10. Generalization:
11. Class Conflict:
12. Globalization:
13. Symbolic interactionism:
14. Scientific Method:
15. Auguste Comte:
16. Emile Durkheim:
17. Karl Marx:
18. Herbert Spencer:
19. Max Weber:
On Back
20. Charles Horton Cooley:
21. George Herbert Mead:
22. C. Wright Mills:
Thinking Critically:
1. Do you think that sociologists should try to reform society, or to study it dispassionately or objectively? (2
2. Of the three theoretical perspectives, which one would you like to use if you were a sociologist? Why? (2
3. Considering the macro-micro- level approaches in sociology, which one do you think better explains social
life? (1 pt.)