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Ancient Egypt was one of the greatest civilizations of the past. The
monuments and tombs of their Pharaohs continue to stand intact
today, some 4,000 years later!
Where is Egypt?
Egypt is situated in the northeast corner of the Africa. A large
river called the River Nile flows through the
country into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile
enters Egypt from the Sudan and flows north to
the sea.
Where did the Ancient Egyptians live?
The Ancient Egyptians lived along the banks of the river
Nile in Egypt. Farmers first settled in Egypt along the
River Nile around 5000 B.C. Many people still live in the
Nile valley.
River Nile
The River Nile is vital to the Egyptians today and in the past. Egypt
is made up of hot deserts and has little rainfall. Without the River
Nile, the area would be entirely desert. All of Egypt relied on the
Nile for water, food, and transportation. The Nile
also gave the ancient Egyptians fertile land which
helped them to grow their crops and raise their
Rulers and People
The Pharaoh was the absolute ruler of Egypt. The Pharaohs were
regarded as gods by the Egyptians. They lived surrounded by
immense luxury and wore fine clothes and costly jewellery. Some
people were merchants and craftsmen. There were
boat- builders, fishermen and servants. Egyptians
were great builders and built tombs called pyramids.
Clothes and Jewellery
The weather is hot there so the clothes were quite thin. They were
made of linen which came from a plant. Men wore a short
tunic and women wore an ankle- length tunic. They wore
cloaks in winter. Many Egyptians wore jewellery,
especially rings and earrings. The rich wore beautiful
headdresses. Some necklaces were in the shape of a scarab
beetle. Boys had short hair shaved off with one lock of hair
on the left side of the head.
Writing and Language
We have learned some things about the Egyptians from their writing.
They carved or painted characters on monuments, walls and tombs.
This picture writing was written on a type of paper
called papyrus. Most Egyptians could not read or
write so scribes were employed to carry out these
Papyrus- the world’s very first paper made from the papyrus plant.