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1.Performance Interpretation.
Students develop an understanding and appreciation of the composer’s intentions by detailed
listening and evaluating. They interpret this through their own performances which display
their own ideas, thoughts and feelings.
Students develop an awareness and appreciation of how sounds are organised. Students listen
to music from different traditions and cultures, times and places. They are able to identify the
expressive use of musical elements, devices, tonalities and structures.
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3. Instrumental Technique.
Students to be able to perform on an instrument with expression and control of instrument
specific techniques e.g a violinist being able to demonstrate pizzicato and double stopping.
4. Aural.
Students can listen with discrimination, internalise and recall sounds. They can make critical
responses to the music. These skills enable you to improve your interpretation and
communication of music as you become more aware of the performers, the audience and
5. Communication.
Students can express ideas, thoughts and feelings through composing and performing. They
can sing and play in solo and ensemble groups and compose and improvise music in different
styles, genres and traditions.