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Learning Target
 Governs the gas (oxygen &
carbon dioxide) exchange.
 Brings in oxygen and delivers it
to the body cells by way of
 Picks of carbon dioxide and
releases it back into the air.
 The respiratory track is
divided into the upper
respiratory tract and the lower
respiratory tract.
 Air is first brought into the body
through the mouth and nose.
 Air then travels from
the nostrils to the
pharynx via the nasal
The pharynx is a short muscular structure
that serves as a passage for food and air.
The larynx, or voice box, is a short tube
that connects the pharynx and trachea.
 The larynx regulates the volume of air in
the respiration that helps to produce
 Larynx is covered by the epiglottis,
which prevents food from entering the
trachea and going into the lungs.
Two lungs
Known as the wind pipe
Extends for the larynx to
the junction of the lungs
where it divides into two
Passageways, which
branch off from the
trachea and go into the
The major organs in the respiratory system.
They contain millions of tiny air sacs called
alveoli that are surrounded by capillaries.
It is through the walls of the alveoli and
capillaries that oxygen and carbon dioxide is
6"x 4.5" (¼ sheet) piece of pink or gray
construction paper (trachea)
two round 9" or 12" pink balloons (lungs)
two drinking straws (bronchi)
3 or 4 cotton balls
transparent tape
medium-size, thin rubber band
Step 1. Insert straws into balloons and tape
together at top. These are bronchi and
Step 2. Roll construction paper into a tube
just round enough to fit over the tops of
the straws. Tape closed and place over tops
of two straws. This will be the trachea.
Step 3. Blowing air into the lungs watch as
they expand and contract as you do this.