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The Respiratory
• Food combines with oxygen to
produce energy this is
• BREATHING –moving air in & out
of the body (mechanical process)
provides the oxygen to the cells
to use in respiration
Interaction with other organ
• The respiratory system closely interacts
with the circulatory system. In the lungs
tiny air sacs called alveoli are used in the
diffusion of carbon dioxide and oxygen into
and out of the blood.
• Nose
cleans, warms and moisten the air
• Pharynx
where esophagus and
trachea split
contains vocal chords
• Epiglottis flap that prevents food from
entering trachea
• Trachea
carries air to lungs
• Bronchi
2 branches of trachea that
carries air to lungs
• Lungs—a saclike organ that takes oxygen
from the air and delivers oxygen to the
• Bronchus –bronchi (pl.)—the two branches
that split off the trachea
• Bronchioles smallest tubes in lungs
• Alveoli microscopic air sacs-exchange of
O2 and CO2 takes place here