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Types of vegetarians
• Lacto-vegetarians- will eat milk, butter,
cheese and other dairy foods.
• Lacto ovo- vegetarians- will eat dairy
foods and eggs as well.
• Vegans- do not eat any foods from animal
sources at all, including dairy foods.
Why do people become
• Religious convictions.
• Unnecessary cruelty.
• Unhealthy- some people believe that a
vegetarian diet is healthier.
• Don’t like the taste of meat.
Vegetarian alternatives.
• A vegetarian diet may be low in vital nutrients such as Iron and
Protein, therefore, they need to get these nutrients elsewhere.
• TVP, Quorn, Soya and Tofu and all protein alternatives that
vegetarians can make use of, and they are all low in fat and high in
protein and iron.
• Vegetarian alternatives are high in Fibre and low in fat, they are also
a good source of protein.
• They are designed to mimic the characteristics of meat.
• Find out as much information as possible
about different types of vegetarian
• Quorn
• Soya
• Tofu
Nutrition for vegetarians.
• Like everybody else, vegetarians need a
balanced diet with a variety of foods.
• Protein is needed for growth, repair and
maintenance of the body. Vegetarians can rely
on plant foods such as cereals and beans to get
their source of protein. Dairy sources include
cheese, milk and eggs.
• Carbohydrate is not a nutrient that will be lacking
in a vegetarian diet, so there is no concern here.
• Vegetarians may be deficient in iron, but they
can get a supply of this from nuts and pulses
and green leafy vegetables.
Vegetarians work.
• Working in pairs, produce an
informative fact sheet on
Vegetarianism. Include the following:
• Why people become vegetarian
• Types of vegetarian
• Dishes that a vegetarian could eat in a catering
establishment.( include recipes)
• Create an exciting menu for a vegetarian
• Use books provided to help you with
• Use the computer to create good graphics.