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Gravity, plants,
1. Which organism below would
be the dominant species in the
climax community?
Hickory Trees
5. Find a negative impact on
the environment?
Use of pesticides to
regulate insect populations
3. Deforestation of the
tropical rain forest could
limit future agricultural and
medical advances due to
Loss of biodiversity
6. Why does the tropical
rainforest have more
biodiversity than the desert?
A desert contains less
9. What activities contribute
to the increase of carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere?
Increase in deforestation,
automobiles and factories
2. Which organism below
would be the pioneer
Crabgrass and other
4. Find a positive human
impact on the environment.
Planting trees and terracing
to prevent erosion
13. What pattern does the
deposition of sediments by
running water create?
19. What natural ecological
event can you infer would
happen after a forest fire?
Secondary Succession
11. What is an effect of
global warming?
Rising sea levels and
flooding coastal areas
12. How does deforestation
affect the atmosphere?
Increase in CO2
27. Describe the flow of
energy and the movement
of chemical compounds in
an ecosystem.
Chemical compounds are
recycled while energy is
transferred from one organism
to another
18. What might happen if a
factory was built on top of
an aquifer?
Reduce recharge, polluted
groundwater, lower level of
water table
14. A biodiverse ecosystem
will result in ____________.
22. Rocks must be
___________ in order for
groundwater to move.
28. What would a spacecraft
need in order to support
Air pressure like Earth,
insulation from solar heating,
water recovery system
23. Would a large decrease in
sunlight or a large increase in
carnivores have a greater effect
on an ecosystem?
Decrease in Sunlight
7. Identify the abiotic factors
that can limit an organism’s
Oxygen, water, minerals,
temperature, climate
15. Find (draw) a graph that
illustrates species B is better
adapted to a particular
24. Find(draw) a graph that
represents a population that
grew and remained at the
carrying capacity of its
8. What erosion pattern
does glacial ice leave?
U-shaped Valleys
30. What is the importance
of composting?
Recycling nutrients
10. What causes river banks
to change shape after a
Deposition of
29. Find(draw) a plant with
low turgor pressure?
16. What human activity
reduces the water table the
Irrigation of
26. Why is it necessary to
conserve trees?
Natural habitats for organisms
and reduced oxygen levels in
the atmosphere
17. Find (draw) a graph
illustrating species A is a
predator to species B.
20. A mature forest
ecosystem is most likely a
good example of a
Climax Community
25. Why would a plant
reserve some of the oxygen
that it produces during
For Cellular
21. The first organisms to
repopulate areas destroyed
by a catastrophic event are
Pioneer Species
31. What is the
purpose of the
Converts organic waste
into usable compounds
34. Why is the water
cycle important to life
on Earth?
It recycles water from all
parts of the Earth
33. Which tropic level in an
energy pyramid would
have the greatest amount
of available energy?
First Trophic Level-Producers
32. What are some
characteristics of the Earth
that make it a place where
we can breathe?