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Review for Quiz on Muhammad and Islam
 Know all of the 5 Pillars of Islam and what they mean.
 Trip to Mecca made once in a lifetime, called "Hajj", participate in rituals and retrace the steps of
 5x a day facing Mecca on prayer rug, no shoes bow down to submit to God, wash hands and feet
 Giving to those less fortunate, may be a percentage of income
 Creed- "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet"
 During month of Ramadan, no food or drink from sunrise to sunset; a sacrifice to God
 Know the difference between the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’.
 Islam means "surrender to God"
 Muslims are followers of the Islamic religion
 What tragedies occurred in Muhammad’s early years?
 Childhood tragedies- his father died after he was born, mom died when he was six, his guardian (grandfather)
died soon after.
 What is the Koran?
 Qu'ran (Koran) is the holy book, the words of Allah; worship of any idols is forbidden, no images of Muhammad
 What are polytheism and monotheism?
 Polytheism is the belief in many gods
 Monotheism is the belief in one God
 Why did Meccans feel threatened by the word Muhammad was spreading?
 The Meccans were polytheistic and they did not like Muhammad advocating monotheism, telling them that their
beliefs were wrong and that they should change their beliefs.
 What did Muhammad do for a living? What groups did he come in contact with through his work before he
became a prophet?
 His uncle raised him and he grew to become a caravan trader, in this role he met many Jews and Christians
who offered ideas of monotheism (belief in one God)
 Who first came to the cave and spoke to Muhammad?
 At age 40 Muhammad went to a cave outside of Mecca and was visited by the angel Jibra'eel (Gabriel) who
told him the words of God
 Know why Muhammad fled to Medina and what that flight is known as.
 Muhammad fled to Medina with his followers to avoid being stoned to death by the Meccans. This flight is
called "Hegira".
 Be familiar with your timeline of Muhammad’s life. Know the order in which key events occurred.
1. Muhammad’s dad dies
2. Muhammad’s mom dies
3. Muhammad’s grandfather dies
4. Muhammad meets Jews and Christians while traveling with his uncle
5. Muhammad becomes a caravan trader
6. Muhammad marries an older woman and they start a family, but only one child lives to adulthood
7. Muhammad sees the Angel Gabriel in a cave who delivers God message to Muhammad
8. Muhammad stoned in Mecca
9. Muhammad flees to Medina
10. Muhammad conquers Mecca
11. The year 800 CE