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The Human Body Lesson
The Central Nervous
System(CNS) consists of
your brain and spinal cord.
Billions of brain cells
called neurons send
electrical signals from
your brain out to your
These signals can travel
up to 220 miles per hour!
The space between
neurons is called a
The Peripheral
Nervous System are
nerves that originate
in, or are linked to
the Central Nervous
 These nerves branch
out from the spinal
cord, to the rest of
the body, controlling
it’s movement.
This is a real human whose nervous
system has been removed. The
peripheral system are the branches
coming from the spinal cord.
The Autonomic Nervous
System controls the
automatic functions of
the body.
Some of these functions
include heart rate,
breathing, digestion,
sweating, saliva
It also plays an
important role in our
“fight or flight” reflex
whenever emergencies
Ummm Not sure…
Maybe Fight?
Probably Flight
The three parts of the
nervous system are the
Central, Peripheral, and
Autonomic Nervous
The nervous system is your
body’s communication
This system is made of the
brain, spinal cord, and
The left side of the brain
controls the right side of
the body.
The right side of the brain
controls the left side of
the body.
Try not to think about this
image when you lay down to
sleep tonight…peering out from
under your bed…..or the
Brain- master control
center. Receives info from
body and decides what to
Spinal cord Main route of
Nerves are branching wires
that connect all parts of the
Sensory nerves messengers
that carry signals to the
brain and spinal cord from
the body.
They let you feel touch,
heat, cold, pain, etc.
Motor nerves carry orders
from the brain to muscles.
His sensory nerves are telling him this hurts….a lot.
Mario using his motor nerves to do some parkour.
The nervous system
allows us to respond
to our environment.
 A stimulus is
something to which
you react.
 A sight, sound, smell,
 A response is how we
react to the stimulus.
 A reflex is when you
react without even
The Cerebrum is the
largest part of the
 It makes up 85% of
the brain’s total
 It is divided into two
halves called
 The front of the
Cerebrum is
responsible for
The Cerebellum is
responsible for
keeping you balanced
and coordinated.
 The Brain Stem
(Medulla)connects the
brain to the spinal
 It controls automatic
functions such as
breathing, digestion,